Welcome into my worldI have recently been asked the reason why I blog, & mostly, why I chose the name “Bliss in the City”.

Looking for smart answers that would make me look super cool and possibly on the way to international stardom within the publishing industry, I opted for honesty instead.

I blog because I want to support others through my words and to introduce my services as a holistic life coach.

There have been times when someone’s words came to my rescue through their blogs and opened my mind to new possibilities.

I always thought of that as being very special.

Anxiously waiting for the day when their new post would come out, learning something new each time, joining in commentary…somehow I always thought that, somewhere out there in the world, authors must have been very proud of themselves for raising so much interest and for sharing their passion with others.

I wanted to be one of them.

And I wanted to offer support and inspiration right from where I am, in the heart of the City of London.

There was a time when I thought solace & quiet could only be found somewhere very remote and away from the world as we know it.

Then I decided that I actually like life as it is, that this game is worth playing the best we can, ’till the end and there must be a reason why I’m right in the middle of the “Square Mile” as supposed to a Zen monastery God knows where.

I decided that the reason was going to be supporting others to find that blissful quiet moment right in the midst of a frantic week at the office, as we are rushing out to get some lunch, snoozing off on the train back home after an exhausting day at work.

I’m a holistic life coach and “growth evocateur” supporting people through the many changes in their lives.

I use a variety of holistic techniques, including coaching and energy work to enable each one of my clients to create authenticity in their everyday life and unfold their talents.

More importantly, I assist them in creating a “breathing” space for themselves and all those around, allowing my clients to best use their time and resources while easing themselves through life.

I’m currently based at http://www.healthinthecity.co.uk/ but I also offer Skype & phone sessions.

For more details on my services please check http://www.antonialyons.com.