Just an ordinary girl.

imageWe’ve been told we could be special.

We’ve been told only the special ones could stand out in the crowd and make it big in life.

And so we tried and tried.

We went to such a length to prove to the whole world of our worth, to show how much better we are than everybody else.

And in the process we lost ourselves.

Some of us became stars but they are no longer shining for they sold their soul.

We have been so busy trying to be fabulous, that we forgot the power held by normality.

As I look at myself in the mirror, it suddenly hits me that I’m just an ordinary girl.image

I could use soppy stories from a painful childhood to paint myself as the small town survivor set on conquering The Square Mile, but I know well enough that there is always a sadder story than the one we tell ourselves and the world over and over again.

I could enlist all the great things I have achieved but I know just too well that it’s full of everyday heroes out there.

And so, here I am.

Me, myself and my soul.

Nothing else.

No pretty words to cover my fears.

No tear jerking stories to hide all the stumbles I took.

I did take many.

And many more I will take.

But as I move through life, I realize how much I treasure my ordinary nature for I get to make mistakes allowing myself the time to discover the hidden gifts.

I have been finding many.

In a world that wants us different, more and unique, I choose to be a plain canvas adding colours in as I go along knowing that this ongoing self-portrait may actually be a lifetime job.

To a world that constantly wants us out there proving ourselves, I say I treasure the bliss found within silence too much to allow myself to be swept away by empty words.

So, here I am, still looking myself in the mirror that life holds to me every day.image

I find that if I move it around, the light changes and what was plain suddenly shines, and maybe that’s what it really only takes to be free of the world.


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