Walk the line

Christian SchloeComing into November, I realize how exhausting these last couple of months have been.

I have taken a small break, hoping it’d help me to feel reinvigorated.

It hasn’t.

As I’m pottering around my house, looking for the next task to cross off my “to do list” ,I can hear my body telling me to lay down and stop.

But how can I?Read More »

Defying Gravity

Christian SloeAs we fast approach the end of this year, I can’t help thinking that it’ll be a long time before we can forget 2015.

It will definitely be a year to remember, for both good and bad reasons.

While I ease myself through the quieter energy brought by the Autumn, I notice how exhausted I am and I wish I could just fall in a very long sleep to get all my strength back.Read More »

Liebster Award

starI’m what you could call a novice within the blogging world and am still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing firstly, and secondly if my English makes any sense at all as Italian is my mother tongue.

Me being me, I had to get my acceptance speech ready without even knowing what this was all about! I thought I was nominated for some sort of Blogging Oscar, which would have turned me into a Pulitzer winner overnight!Read More »

Kings of pain

serge_solomkoThere was a time when life was easier, or at least appeared to be so.

Then it all changed.

I’m not quite sure when, but it did.

We  were all suddenly left bare in front of our limitations, of whatever never really worked but somehow was disguised by appearances, by habits and by human ability to pile up all the crap somewhere deep inside where hopefully it’ll stay ’till our last breath.Read More »