Bliss in the City

cropped-night-city-bokeh-images1.jpgI have recently been asked the reason why I blog, & mostly, why I chose the name “Bliss in the City”.

Looking for smart answers that would make me look super cool and possibly on the way to international stardom within the publishing industry, I opted for honesty instead.Read More »

Feel your dreams (Part 1)

tumblr_inline_mjrpfuV8FY1qz4rgpBeing a coach means being asked quite frequently about the Law of Attraction and if it’s true we can make our wildest dreams come true just by thinking positive.

Questions are usually asked at the most inconvenient times, like when I was at a friend’s barbecue and I was attempting to go through 12 chicken wings without having to do any small talk.Read More »

All’s well that starts well

desert_flare-wideI have always been what one would call an early riser, ever since I can remember.

As a kid, I would get up at the crack of dawn since there were things to be decided for the day ahead, i.e. what to wear to school, which kids to hang out with, (or which ones to ignore), which snacks to fill my rucksack with that would make me look classy and yet cool at the same time (Italians & their food obsession!), what story to entertain the whole class with (it never occurred to me they may not actually have been that entertained at all!).Read More »

Just breathe

43e39040“Create a gap in your story and sit within the gap,  sit in the emptiness of not knowing who you are or what you are until an awareness of your essential nature fills you.”

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

July has been a tough month.

One of those months when you just wish you could hide under the thickest blanket, shut your eyes and magically re-emerge when it’s all calmed down.

These are times when even the most enlightened souls will carry around their personal blanket to hide under when the “growing pains” become too much to bear. No matter how much we tell ourselves that this is all part of a master plan, which sees the human race shifting towards higher vibrations, everyday life can become extremely challenging to say the least.Read More »

On Spirituality

IMG_2795There’s a lot of talking these days about wanting/needing to be spiritual.

People have been going to great lengths to grasp what that might mean, how to be more in touch with whatever it is they believe in, how to bring calm and a new awareness into their lives while the world keeps on spinning like a top on autopilot. Some embrace new credos, others adopt new health regimes, maybe they get into recycling, or become organic mad, start meditating at the crack of dawn only to fall asleep 2 hours later on the bus on their way to work.Read More »