Growing pains

hjuy47853Some days we are left wanting to shout at life to leave us the hell alone, because we are so tired of our “growing pains”.

Those are the days when we feel we are done with being stretched to the limit, when we don’t feel we could take even one more tear or doubt about ourselves.

We are all growing right now and it can be very messy for we tend to react to those around us forgetting that every soul on this planet is undergoing a major shift in consciousness which is leaving us on our knees most of the time.

Can we choose to be nice to ourselves and others?

Can we choose to give ourselves and the rest of the world a break even when we obstinately want things to go our own way while it’s clearly not going to go that way?

Can we let the hand of life move us towards a better way?

Can we trust life enough to let her sooth our pain however she chooses for us?

Today I’d like to shout “Leave me alone life cause I’m done here”.

Today I choose to be strong for the others walking along with me instead.

And you, what do you choose today?

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