Choose yourself

10447862_344425989037724_1508393324274808647_nThere are choices in our life we will not be able to share with anyone but ourselves.

These are choices that will change the course of our journey and which are so profound words will never be able to express their depth.

So silence will be our only confidant.

The sacred silence of our hearts.

We may attempt to explain, only to have words dying inside as they try to echo out of our tired minds.

What would make us choose this way? What could possibly happen in our life that cannot be shared with anyone else?

Whatever the motif is, we know too well this may take us away from our pack, because our folks may not be able to understand or support us.

Do we choose ourselves or them?

Can we still face ourselves knowing we kept the truth of our actions from the ones we love?

Could we choose otherwise knowing that our hearts will bleed to a slow death should we choose them instead?

The death of the soul is when we choose someone else truth because we couldn’t face the consequences of our own. It is when we entrust others to know better than us, depriving ourselves to learn the lesson and welcome the blessing that has been sent our way.

There is always a moment in our life, when we know we can no longer do what everybody else has done before us and will do after us. This is the time when tears will be shed in the darkness of self-loathing and guilt, when nights will be spent awake, agonizing over the journey to embark.

Despite feeling torn and ashamed, we will choose freedom so that we can carry on living with ourselves.

Freedom to own the path only we can walk and to be who we came here to be.

That day we will take a stand to all the beliefs and thoughts that we inherited long the way and were never meant to be ours. We will let our own truth define us and somehow feel strong even though we will be on our own.

That day we will stop apologizing for what we could never be and start living the life only we can.10389325_438866372927018_5086884902326982523_n

Are you struggling to make that choice?

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I will support you through this challenging time and enable you to find the empowering gift behind it.

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